Facilities and Equipment

CONAM has three locations in Alaska, the headquarters office in Anchorage and two field offices and equipment yards in Deadhorse and Kenai. The Deadhorse Facility is located near the airport on Lake Colleen Road on over 10 acres of gravel pad.  In these four shops, CONAM provides equipment repairs and warranty services for Ford Cummins and Peterbilt.  Construction project offices and warehouse facilities are also located on the pad.

The CONAM Kenai Facility is comprised of a 5-acre equipment storage yard with offices on the Kenai Spur Highway.  CONAM also maintains heavy duty equipment fleets at the Deadhorse and Kenai Facilities. These fleets are capable of performing major construction projects all over Alaska using cranes, loaders, sidebooms, excavators, drill rigs, trenchers, welding trucks, tractors and trailers, pickups and many other support items.