CONAM began operations in late 1984 immediately winning contracts in the Alaska oil patch as an open shop contractor. In the late 80’s and early 90’s CONAM performed fiber optic cable installation for the quickly transforming Telecom Industry throughout the Lower 48. In Alaska, increasing work loads included Pipeline Rehabilitation and Corrosion Repair work, Specialized Civil Construction, Module Fabrication in Anchorage and Major Facility Installations and Modifications in Prudhoe Bay.

Alaskan contracts continued with small Pipeline Projects in the Cook Inlet Area while continuing Prudhoe Bay work.  With a newly formed JV relationship with Tikigaq Corporation of Point Hope, CONAM began providing the North Slope Borough and Oil Patch with an Alaska Native component. Work included Water and Sewer systems and other commercial infrastructure projects in remote villages, as well as oil and gas projects on the North Slope.

CONAM, along with it’s sister corporation, Price Gregory International, Inc. was purchased in 2009 by Quanta Services, Inc., an S&P 500 company specializing in construction of energy infrastucture projects, and continues to service Alaska’s oil patch, infrastructure and telecom industries.