Airport Remote Ramp Fueling – Hydrant Extension

  • Client/Owner:
  • Location:
  • Duration:
  • Manhours Expended:
  • Anchorage Fueling and Service Co.
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • August 1998 – October 1998
  • 3,200

Project involved the installation of a new Remote Ramp Fueling Facility at the Anchorage International Airport.  The work scope included: 1,150 lf of buried 12″ diameter pipe; six (6),  6″ pipe laterals, each 60 lf long; and six (6), 4″ hydrant risers.

The project required trenching across and active taxiway that permitted only a six hour work window to excavate the 5 foot deep trench, install pipe segments, backfill and repave the surface.  Excavations required slow and deliberate probing to avoid unknown operating and abandoned pipe and electrical services.    The pipe installation included internal sandblast cleaning and TIG bead and SMAW fill procedures.  CONAM provided 100% radiography inspection, line flushing, hydrotesting and in-service testing prior to start-up. Safe traffic control was implemented at required work areas.