Nuiqsut Natural Gas Pipeline

  • Client/Owner:
  • Location:
  • Duration:
  • Manhours Expended:
  • North Slope Burough
  • Nuiqsut, Alaska
  • March 2001 – April 2001
  • 17,000

A joint venture between CONAM and AGLAQ Construction of Point Hope, Alaska completed the work scope consisting of a new 5 mile, 3″ diameter buried gas supply pipeline from ConocoPhillips’ newly developed Alpine Oil Field to the village of Nuiqsut.  The pipeline routing was primarily across arctic tundra and the Colville River thus requiring winter construction from ice roads and ice pads built by the joint venture team.  The FBE coated pipe was supplied in coiled tubing spools and the 6 foot deep trench excavation was performed using owned trenching equipment.