Redoubt Shoal Pipeline Project

  • Client/Owner:
  • Location:
  • Duration:
  • Manhours Expended:
  • Forest Oil Corporation
  • West Foreland (Cook Inlet), Alaska
  • July 2001 – October 2002
  • 11,250

CONAM’s trademark project required installation of three (3) pipelines, one power cable and one fiber optic communications cable from Forest Oil’s Kustatan Oil Production Facility to the Osprey Platform, 2 miles offshore from the Redoubt Shoal Bluff in Cook Inlet.   The onshore portion consisted of  two (2) miles of one 6″ and two 8″ lines using traditional construction methods while the 2 mile offshore portion required and innovative approach.  The onshore to offshore transition section required installation of four (4) 12″ casings through a 200 foot high shore bluff using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).  The casings day lighted in Cook Inlet in 10 feet of water. The offshore pipelines were welded in long sections on land and pulled through the bluff casings and out to the platform using an anchored offshore barge. The final pull into the platform legs was accomplished using a CONAM designed and fabricated hydraulic chain jack in the platform, with assistance from the barge.