Alpine Module Interconnect

  • Client/Owner:
  • Location:
  • Duration:
  • Manhours Expended:
  • ConocoPhillips (Alaska), Inc
  • Alpine – North Slope, Alaska
  • November 2005 – March 2007
  • 960,000

CONAM was the primary installation contractor for the processing facilities on two (2) completely new oil production drill sites, CD-3 and CD-4 and a major gas liquids processing unit expansion, ACX3, at the Central Production Facility of ConocoPhillips Alpine Oilfied. The project involved challenging remote site logistics dependent upon a narrow winter ice road window, with limited housing and infrastructure for a peak workforce of 243 craft and staff.  Module pre-assembly work in Deadhorse was required for each site to meet the ice road window.

Sites Modules included; Remote Electrical Instrument, Emergency Shut-down, Test Separator, Production Heater, Fuel Gas Skid, Pigging, Chemical Injection, Stand-by Generator, and Emergency Living Quarters. Other structures included; Overhead Air Cooled Condensers, Airport Warm Storage Bldng, Warm/Cold Storage Bldng, Communications Tower, Pipe Racks, Chemical Tank Farm w/8 Tanks, and Airport Navigation Aids.