Equipment Services

  • Client/Owner:
  • Location:
  • Duration:
  • Manhours Expended:
  • BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.
  • Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
  • April 2003 – April 2006
  • 140,000 Annually

This 3 year maintenance contract was split into two major groups; Fleet Maintenance and Ford Warranty Maintenance.

Fleet Maintenance entailed maintenance of over 1,200 equipment items of both light duty vehicles and heavy construction/earthwork equipment. Work included: shop repairs of mobile  equipment; in place maintenance of non-mobile equipment; minor field maintenance, lubrication and fueling services; procurement and warehousing of spare/replacement parts and lubricants; and hauling services for the movement of heavy equipment within oil field limits.

Ford Warranty maintenance was an extension of the Fleet maintenance scope and involved over 600 light duty Ford vehicles, i.e pickups, vans, light trucks, and high cube vans. CONAM continues to provide this service to all Prudhoe Bay at its Deadhorse Facilities to include repair work to about 350 small equipment items such as heaters, pumps, compressors, light plants, and generators.